Turkey's second electric car Amperino C-100 was unveiled

The first prototype of the electric microcar Amperino was introduced, and the target is to produce 50 thousand vehicles by 2035. Yakup Canseven, Chairman of the Board of Amperino, said: “We have been preparing for this project for three years. Due to the fair calendar, we postponed the completion of the prototype a little earlier.

"So, in a way, we competed with ourselves," he said. Amperino, which took its place at the Go Green Fair, said Canseven, “This was our first fair where we exhibited the prototype of Amperino.

We have shared test videos without the bodywork before, but we presented the prototype with the bodywork to the industry for the first time. From here on, we will take part in the Geneva International Automotive Fair with our vehicle. We will prepare our second prototype during this time. Amperino is 100 percent local. Its software, electrical and electronic hardware, and design are domestic.

The vehicle computer vehicle control unit was again assembled by us. In the battery section, we used the technique we call liquid immersion battery. We were also the first company to use this technique in Turkey. When you look at it, all critical technologies are domestic products. For this reason, we are not actually dependent on anyone. "We worked like a boutique technology company and we are excited," he said.

As of the 2nd half of 2025, Amperino will be used in mass production. The target was set to produce 50 thousand vehicles by 2035.

The features of Amperino C100 are as follows:

17.2 kWh specially designed battery (largest in its class)

42 kW (57 HP) axial flux electric motor!

180 kilometers range, ~9 kWh/100 km consumption

0-90 km/h acceleration: ~6.8 seconds, since it is L7, the maximum speed is 90 km/h

3,159 mm length, 1,500 mm width, 1,430 mm height, ~645 kg weight

10 kW AC charging speed, mono/tri-phase AC charging possibility.

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Turkey's second electric car Amperino C-100 was unveiled

The first prototype of the electric microcar Amperino was introduced, and the target is to produce 50 thousand vehicles by 2035. Yakup Canseven, Chairman of the Board of Amperino, said: “We have been...
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