About us

Turkey's Leading Real Estate Company

The real estate sector holds paramount importance as it marks one of the pivotal steps towards altering your life. Purchasing a home, land, or any real estate property is a significant endeavor that demands trust and confidence. With our 12 years of experience in the industry and a customer-centric approach, we, with our proficient team, have been steadily advancing in the service sector to facilitate your journey to property ownership with assurance.

Alanya Home, with its 12-year legacy in Alanya, stands as the epitome of real estate expertise in the region. Known as the go-to name for real estate in Alanya, Alanya Home ensures swift and lucrative outcomes for your property transactions, including rentals, consultancy, investment guidance, and buying/selling of properties like houses and lands.

Established in 2010, Alanya Home has been a successful real estate company in Alanya, boasting a high customer satisfaction portfolio in property transactions such as residential, land, or commercial properties.

If you aim to steer your business endeavors in real estate investments, where every move is critical, partnering with a professional and expert firm, Alanya Home, is your optimal choice. We await the opportunity to assist you in achieving substantial results in your property transactions in Alanya. Witness the difference of working with us through our professional conduct, coupled with our favorable interest supports in credit sales via our affiliated banks, thanks to our proficient operations.

We offer a seamless trading experience by amalgamating the most suitable options for your needs swiftly through our website. For all your real estate requirements and searches in Alanya, visit our website to swiftly and satisfactorily conclude your property needs in Alanya. Whether you intend to sell or lease your land, office, home, or villa, you can efficiently market them to potential buyers or lessees through our website.

Our Vision

Our values serve as the compass guiding our direction.

We conduct our business with utmost correctness, precision, and sincerity.

We understand the challenges associated with decision-making in real estate purchases. Finding your dream home amidst millions of properties worldwide demands experience and diligence. At Alanya Home, we stand by you with our expert team throughout this entire process.

Alanya Home is the commercial brand of Alanya Home Company, established in 2004.