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Our project; Istanbul Airport, Canal Istanbul and Northern Marmara motorway connections
Its proximity and being located right across the metro stop makes it possible for you to travel in and out of the city.
makes it easy. Coming to work and traveling is not a problem if you live here; comfortable
it turns into journeys, pleasant travel memories.
Basaksehir Pine and Sakura City Hospital, Europe’s largest healthcare complex, are within walking distance.
If you live here, located in Başakşehir, the new attraction center of Istanbul; botanical park, mosque, shopping mall
You can spend as much time as you want in places for sightseeing and shopping such as the city square and the city square. Ibn Khaldun
Neighborhood to the University; Providing you with easy access to primary, secondary and higher education institutions
With its proximity to important transportation points, you can enjoy a quality service without compromising your living standards.
You can spend an education life.
Whether you adopt a compact lifestyle with 1 + 1, 2 + 1 residence blocks, or 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 flats
Live with your loved ones in family blocks consisting of types. Every life in Başakşehir Eurasia
There are options to suit your style. Başakşehir, which is surrounded by 80% green area on a 39.000 m2 plot
Avrasya allows you to enjoy nature with its horizontal architecture. Our project is 4-8-10 floors
It consists of buildings. Başakşehir Eurasia Houses project 453 in different types from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1
It consists of housing. Consisting of blocks of 5 to 10 floors, the project draws attention with its horizontal architecture.
1 + 1 apartments 58 to 68 square meters in Başakşehir Avrasya Konutları, 2 + 1 apartments 102 to 127
square meters, 3 + 1 apartments are 159 to 171 square meters, 4 + 1 apartments are 188 to 208 square meters
2 + 1; PRICES VARYING BETWEEN 1.357.000TL AND 2.229.000TL
3 + 1; PRICES VARYING BETWEEN 2.088.000TL AND 2.713.000TL
Project Features
Site Features
 Indoor swimming pool
 Children’s swimming pool
 Children’s playgrounds
 Sauna
 Fitness center
 Cafe
 Restaurant
 Security
 Security with camera
 Parking garage
 Hiking trail
Building Features
 Water Tank
 Booster
 Generator
 Elevator

Housing Features
 Built-in white goods
 Central heating
 Heat share meter
 Parents’ bathroom
 Parents dressing room
 Balcony