Partner Policy

We Are Looking For Professional Real Estate Companies In The Turkish Real Estate Market.

Alanya Home, Turkey around the offices located, is a leading international real estate company engaged in real estate sales to foreigners. We provide service in 9 languages ​​including Turkish, English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Persian, French and Russian.

Turkey around the estate offer the best of our rich portfolio. We are communication professionals with the largest customer traffic for real estate developers.

We have strong legal experience, knowledge and power to secure your income. We have certain principles to establish a long-term real estate partnership in Turkey there.

What We Offer

• Best price guarantee
• Local expertise in the real estate sector
• 100% customer satisfaction
• Income assurance

Who Do We Work With?

• Real Estate Companies and Real Estate Professionals
• We automatically reject individual partnership offers.

How We Work

• If you have a client, you must contact us for a real estate viewing tour. We show the properties and make every effort to sell.
• If you organized a real estate viewing tour with the client,   you must send an e-mail to info@alanya-home.com . We will send you a template mail containing the customer’s contact information and requests.
• We count the customer as you, even if the customer has previously contacted Alanya Home. For us, the viewing tour is more important.
• You will receive the report of your customers’ real estate viewing tour the next day.
• As soon as we receive our commission, we will pay you within 3 days.

What are we waiting for?

• To follow your customers and prepare them for a real estate viewing tour,
• To be the only company in the partnership,
• The sale price and properties of the properties in your real estate list do not differ from our list,
•   We hope a long-term relationship based on our corporate values .

What We Don’t Do

• We do not record customers. We only work on a viewing tour basis.
• We do not share real estate information such as photographs, location and price lists with our partners for customer preparation purposes. The customer should know that we are a reliable company. We think sharing too much information is useless and waste of time.

If you would like to work with us, please send   an e-mail to info@alanya-home.com . We will send you an online contract link containing commission rates, payment methods, account information and all contact data.

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