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Deed, full, and can not be denied for real estate in Turkey is evidence proving the right of ownership. This certificate is issued by the Land Registry office while buying real estate in Turkey.
In the TAPU, the appearance and information of the property, the cadastral value, the names of the buyer and the seller, the registration number, and the date of the transaction are specified. Also, at the buyer’s request, you can stick the recipient’s photo.

The title deed is given in the Land Cadastre Management section according to the location of the property.
The certificate is approved by the seal of the Land Cadastre administration and the signature of the officer.
There are two types of deeds:
1. Red title deed on land with real estate ready or under construction.
2. Blue title deed while on land without building.
For many foreign citizens, the title deed does not specify the total and living space of the real estate purchased. To do this, another document called settlement is a technical passport for the apartment.



Real estate purchase/sale transaction costs. Real estate expert appraisal costs:
Real estate expert assessment is a mandatory document for housing sales to foreigners. This is issued prior to the transfer of the certificate of ownership. The buyer pays this fee directly to the expert in land Cadastre management. The report delivery time is 2 to 3 days.
Ownership document (Title Deed) registration costs):
The transfer of the land registry is made by the Cadastre office. This procedure must involve both parties (buyer and seller) or a trustee with a mandatory notarized power of attorney for the Transaction and signature.
A one-time tax for property acquisition constitutes 4% of the Cadastre value of the property and the land is paid in Cadastre administration. This tax is paid by the buyer.
There are also additional costs of 2500 Turkish Liras in the preparation of the documents:
– Notarized passport transfer (300 TL per person)
– Real address notarized translation place of residence in your country. This is required to open an account with a Turkish bank.
– Sworn translator expenses
– Getting a tax number
– Photos
– Notary power of attorney (upon request)
In addition, the Cadastre Administration will collect a one-time tax of approximately 400 Turkish Liras for the service.