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We Sell Your Property

We Sell Your Property

How Can I Sell My Property? As Turkey’s leading real estate company, we have 14 years of experience in buying and selling homes. At Alanya Home, your home is traded at its real value, thanks to our experts who master the regional market. If you have real estate in Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Alanya, Kalkan and want to sell it, contact us today.

Real Estate Sales Procedures

1: First of all, we should see all the necessary documents, including the title deed and settlement of your real estate. In order for the land registry office to approve the deed transactions, your house must not have any debt. So make sure your home is free of taxes or credit debt.

2:  We always apply the most correct and fair to our customers. We determine the real sale price of the real estate you will sell by seeing it on site. We recommend that you do all the necessary interior and exterior maintenance of your home in order to maximize your profits and sell your home for a higher price.

3:  If we agree, we will take the photos of your house you will sell and upload it to our website. We not only upload your home to the website but also promote it through one-on-one conversations, e-mails, and social media. If our customers like your home, we may need to visit you for a short time. If you do not live in Turkey, you can entrust to ramp up our communication the key to the house for a reliable person when necessary.

4:  After finding a buyer for your home, we will be with you throughout this whole process, from the first meeting to the deed transfer.

How much does it cost to sell my real estate?

You are exempt from income tax if you have bought your home for 5 years or more. We only charge real estate agent commission fees to complete the process. Also, all individual debts, such as invoices, belong to you.

For more information about how to sell your property, you can contact us via +90 532 588 62 55 or email. In addition,  you can send the title deed, photos, and other necessary information of your property   to [email protected] via e-mail.

How Can I Sell My Property?