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citizenship in turkey

What is Iskan? (citizenship in turkey)


Iskan is a technical passport for real estate. This document is of three types:

  1. Primary Iskan – Primary Technical Passport for a building permit.
    2. General iskan – General technical passport for the operation of a residential complex.
    3. Persona Iskan – Individual Technical Data Sheet for the apartment.
    1. To obtain the Primary Inquiry, the construction company must submit a number of documents to the municipality, and each authority, after checking, must put its signatures and seals.
    2. General Iskan must be received by the developer. This document confirms that all construction standards have been met and the house can be connected to operation. Get this Iskahn at the city hall. If an iskan has not been received for the house, this means that the registration procedures and construction have not been completed. According to the law, within 5 years after obtaining a building permit, the construction must be completed and an iskan must be obtained. If the iskan is not received within 5 years, the construction may be canceled. If there is no Genel (general), no infrastructure, including the elevator, will be put into operation. With this document, you can draw up water and electricity meters.
    3. Personal Iskan – Technical passport for the apartment. It contains all the data about the apartment, including the square. This Iskan is also received in the municipality at the request of the owner, after receiving the tapu. And it costs about 1900 Turkish lira. Obtaining this iskan is a must.
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